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Nearly one in every 100 adults in America is in prison or jail.

Or, as John Oliver so helpfully points out, America has more prisoners at the moment than China. And we don’t have more of anything than China, ‘other than, of course, debt to China.’

Overcrowding in America’s prisons has become so pervasive that Sesame Street is now stepping in to explain just how we got here (2:30 minute mark)

"And of course, it’s tricky to know how to feel about all this because on the one hand, the war on drugs has completely solved our nation’s drug problem. So that’s good," Oliver jokes. "But on the other hand, our drug laws do seem to be a little draconian and a lot racist."

And Oliver isn’t wrong.

Drug offenders make up a shocking amount of prisoners in America’s penitentiary system.

Drug offenders account for more inmates than those being held on immigration-related charges, The Huffington Post reports:

"People convicted of two broad categories of nonviolent crimes — drugs and immigration — make up over 60 percent of the U.S. prison population,” The Huffington Post reported in March.”

No wonder we need John Oliver and Sesame Street to explain this system to us.

Just watched “Gunday" again on Netflix.

This movie starts out over the top and stays there, but the fight scenes and makeup kept me there for the entire film. The music was good, the storyline of the two friends was fun, and I really appreciated the movie acknowledging how childish the behavior was. Pretty good writing.

Ranveer Singh’s hair, beard, and makeup was distracting, but it really drew me into the character. Plus, it’s a period piece. His performance was great, especially in the second half of the film. Arjun Kapoor’s performance really captured the spirit and tone of his younger self from the first part of the story. Together, they are really enjoyable. Priyanka Chopra was a great choice  for “Nandita”, the cabaret singer who steals their hearts. Irrfan Khan wasn’t that great in this, and I’m not sure if I just had Abhishek Bachchan’s “Dhoom” character in my head, or if that’s who he was channelling for this performance.

Anant Sharma’s performance as Himanshu ties this film together really  nicely. He has a secret that is essential to this plot, and is revealed at the perfect time.

"Gunday" was a lot of fun. It was heavy handed where it needed to be,  light hearted where it counts, and this is a big and colorful and beautifully made movie (for 8 and a half million dollars!) - I totally recommend this for m friends who are not very familiar with Bollywood films, but like action dramas.

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We don’t have a lab to test this sort of thing eh? Guess not. We’ll just test it right here in front of the Warp Core. Good thing it wasn’t aimed the other way….