Gamer Clause is Coming To Town (by ryanpaulthompson)


The Christmas Tree on the International Space Station is up! Up on the ceiling, thanks to no gravity. Wishing our 6 astronauts and cosmonauts on the ISS a very Merry Christmas. #NASA #ISS #Space #Christmas #Tree

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Okay let’s stay within canon. One does not RIDE a reindeer. 8 flying reindeer can pull a 600 pound sleigh or something, but let’s not get crazy.

Plus, nobody  does Santa’s Place anymore. It’s all about Fortress of Solitude. NBA Finals. Just saying.

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A right-angled spherical triangle.

arc AB + arc BC = arc AC

Source: Wikimedia Commons, File: Spherical triangle.svg

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Scents sweeten the smell of commerce
Retailers are increasingly using scents to induce shoppers to stay longer and spend more, but to some people the smells are more like pollution.

The Doctor at a Beatles songwriting session.

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Godzilla Christmas Tree

Yes, a Christmas tree in the form of Godzilla …

Godzilla-shaped Christmas tree spews smoke, Aqua City Odaiba shopping mall, Tokyo, Japan. (2006)

I saw this on Tumblr’s Radar, so there’s probably no point in re-blogging it. But I can’t help myself. It made laugh. —Wright


Finally - the NBA is back!! (Bob Rosato/SI)

THOMSEN: Both sides deserve credit for lockout ending
LOWE: Who will be waved with amnesty clause?


Why dull, brown corals light up like Christmas when you shine blue light on them

Louise Murray has spent a decade photographing corals - most of which appear dull and brown to the naked eye.

But when the photographer shines a blue torch on them, ‘It’s like the difference between walking down Oxford Street at midnight in June, and walking down when all the Christmas lights are on.’

‘It blows you away completely the first time.’ Murray works with scientists who believe the weird effect could be a sort of ‘sunscreen’ to help protect the animals from being bleached.

I have been in this business a long time. Rarely have I known grown people to make TRAVEL PLANS around the chance to see a movie screening (that Prince wasn’t in). I have heard from people I haven spoken to in years about Tron Legacy POST CARDS. Random people are posting trailers and posters. The corporate partners make sense and are relevant. Well, mostly. There are conversations you can join and read. There are real fan blogs that Disney doesn’t run. This is fun. THIS is what we should be doing. This movie should also do quite well.

Not sure when’s the next time a community will be able to  come out -across generations — behind a film this size, but this is great.