Daryle Lockhart
Just who IS this guy?
Artist, Writer, Creative Director, Marketer, Vice President of AAFCA, Co-Founder of Stargaze, creator of Black Box Office, Mobile Soul, and Sci Fi Generation. I’ve won awards, I’ve changed the way stuff is done. I’ve been places. Yeah, yeah. More on all of that some other time.

Focus, while I display flows ferocious about science, technology, creativity, and innovation. I’m very interested in how all of the above impact culture and society. I believe that the most scientifically literate among us will move society forward at a speed we’ve never seen before. I also believe that the most creative among us will make that trip forward a fun one.

This is my personal blog, filled with wondrous things from across the Universe, which will hopefully inspire you to go change the world, or at least, your seat.

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Sci Fi Generation

The Christmas Tree on the International Space Station is up! Up on the ceiling, thanks to no gravity. Wishing our 6 astronauts and cosmonauts on the ISS a very Merry Christmas. #NASA #ISS #Space #Christmas #Tree


Godzilla Christmas Tree 
Yes, a Christmas tree in the form of Godzilla …

Godzilla-shaped Christmas tree spews smoke, Aqua City Odaiba shopping mall, Tokyo, Japan. (2006)

I saw this on Tumblr’s Radar, so there’s probably no point in re-blogging it. But I can’t help myself. It made laugh. —Wright