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Broadway & 8th

Here’s an old Subway System Map from 1968 showing some of the double letter local lines.

And one from 1972.

More historical NYC Subway Maps here.

I love the double letter trains. And curious to know how/why certain trains seemed to switch routes. The 1972 map shows the 3/4 stopping at Brooklyn College; now it’s the 2/5. But in ‘72 the 2 went to New Lots Ave., which is now where the 3 goes. Confusion!

The #1 train is pretty much why and when the 2 and 3 changed routes. You’ll  notice that the 2 and 5 go one way and the 3 and 4 go another after the trains come above ground. 

I used to live where there was a GG train, which became the G. No change in route. I  also  seem to remember an AA train,  which - I think - became the C line. 

(via nbcnewyork)